[Song Review] Park Kyung – Inferiority Complex (ft. Eunha)

KYUNG IS BACK! Lots of my KPop friends know that I have a big soft spot for Block B. I always enjoy all the music that comes out of them as a group and as solo units too. This song is no exception, and proves again that Kyung is a strong and credible solo artist.

This song is different in tempo to his previous single ‘Ordinary Love’ with Park Boram (if you haven’t heard it, check it out here). Inferiority Complex is a more upbeat track with a spring/summer vibe.

Kyung collaborates with Eunha from GFriend on this track, and their voices meld together so well. Her angelic, higher-range vocals add a pure air to the song. Kyung and Eunha sing their parts separately, creating a dialogue between the two and enhancing the story-telling nature of this song.

Kyung released the M/V for Inferiority Complex at midnight (KST) yesterday [see below]. It is a cute visual display of what the song is all about – a conversation between the two about Kyung’s jealousy at other men and his inferiority complex. Couple that with colours and comedy and I’m sure you won’t be able to hold back a smile seeing this.

My verdict: 8/10 – I really like the style of the song, both musically and structurally and enjoy the bounce in the music too. It is so very catchy!

N.B. Kyung’s smile is a ray of sunshine.


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