[TBT] Super Junior-T – Rokkugo

I was actually trying to think about what I have been throwing back to this week. It’s usually typically Shinhwa or something, but then I remembered, I have full on been obsessed with this song since last weekend!

I think I saw a video of Yugyeom and Youngjae from GOT7 singing, and I was certain they were singing this song, and it just spiralled from there. Cue the mad age old love for Super Junior again.

I just love how this absolutely ridiculous trot song is one of Super Junior’s most well known songs and it’s such good fun! Just look at how they completely let go and do whatever they want. I have shared the performance from SS4 Japan because it’s one of my favourites, it’s all of Super Junior, not just the subunit (even though they’re missing Heechul and Kangin) and because Kyuhyun’s voice… [and Yesung getting left behind at 4:33]

And if you want to see the actual music video (which I 100% encourage because it’s hilarious!) check it out below. Prepare for some very outdated, sparkly outfits and Kim Heechul being prettier than most of the world.


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