[Life] MCM ComicCon London 2016


Totoro and Cat Bus!

Yesterday I went to ComicCon with my friend Luke at the ExCel Centre in London. There were people there in their thousands to celebrate all things anime, manga, superhero, comic, game, art, steampunk, pop Asia, food etc related.

For those of you unfamiliar with ComicCon, people tend to attend the event in costume (also known as cosplay) of their favourite character. These were my favourite and most skilled costumes that I saw today. Totoro and the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro – somebody actually made these AND wore them. It blows my mind to think about the time, effort and dedication that went into making these, when I spent all of about one hour considering where I would find a witches broom for my Kiki’s Delivery Service outfit (and wholeheartedly failing to find one).

Stocking up on matcha and dorayaki

You can buy virtually anything comic related at ComicCon, from plushies to swords, from board games to one-of-a-kind portraits. Much of what was being sold was created by somebody incredibly creative and possessing far much more skill than me. I went to the food section (Asian food of course) to restock my matcha tin and came away with all the dorayaki in the world – I got a little excited. If you want to find this exact same dorayaki in London, google Wagashi Bakery – you can also buy them from the Japan Centre. There are many different flavours, but I opted for Lemon Curd, Green Tea, Green Tea Mascarpone and Red Bean, and Strawberry Cream.


In terms of my favourite plushies – of course I adored every single Gudetama that I saw, but this Eevee below had me in stitches because I have never seen Eevee so pissed off – what’s the problem eh?


Evil Eevee


Two members of Band Maid

There was live music from Amatsuki (who, is honestly…. so… unbelievably… cute) and Band Maid, who you need to check out! They are pretty awesome [click here to see an M/V]. I got to see Amatsuki and Band Maid doing a signing at the JPU Records stand. There was also a pop Asia stage where lots of different people danced or sang to Asian music. We watched a girl dance to GOT7’s Fly, though I’m sad she didn’t do Yugyeom’s infamous shoulder dance, but she did a good job.

There was also this group, the Maids of England, who are an interesting crowd I have to say. They are maids at a cafe, but then do this… so, that’s that. [They also have butlers].


Haikyuu everything

My favourite thing about ComicCon this year, aside from the impromptu dancing at CeX, were the amount of Haikyuu cosplayers. Haikyuu has been one of my favourite animes of recent times, with ERASED coming in second. Luke cosplayed as my one and only Kageyama, and we saw lots of Hinata’s, Oikawa’s, Kenma’s, a couple of other Johsai and Nekoma players, even one Daichi, Yamaguchi, Tsukki, Sugawara, Noya and Asahi. Also Coach Ukai and Takeda. It was awesome to see all the different volleyball uniforms and everyone feeling a kind of joint understanding. Considering that not too many of my friends like watching anime, let alone sports anime or shōnen it was nice to see how much Haikyuu is well loved amongst the ComicCon community.

We played a few games – I have to say, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness on the PS4, is not one I would necessarily recommend. I just do not see how it is a game – it seems a little like a fanfiction. We also saw Hannah from S Club, Sean from Storage Hunters, Robert Llewellyn and Chris Barrie (Kryten and Rimmer from Red Dwarf), and also watched and cheered along at anime karaoke [think old school Dragon Ball Z. Cha La Head Cha La!]


Kiki and Jiji

This was me – a feeble attempt at Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service. When I was in Tokyo last year, I tried on a proper Kiki bow, but I failed to purchase it (error – you can see it on my Instagram here), but at least I have a bow, and I have an eyeless Jiji who I actually did purchase in Tokyo. A lady at ComicCon kindly drew a butterfly on my face too which I adored!

My primary observation at yesterday’s event is: a lot of people now like BTS [Bangtan Sonyeondan], and by a lot of people… I really mean it – there were lots of people wearing BTS masks, some people dressed as the boys in the War of Hormone video, a man sporting a vest with Rap Monster printed on the back and his current haircut to boot – this warms the shackles of my heart – oh my fellow fans!

Other observations: Lots of Naruto cosplay! ❤

So all in all – a successful day, even though my legs are killing me from more than six hours of continuous standing, but this is preparation for KCon on Thursday I guess, and a darn good workout too. I want to thank the event organisers for such a great exhibition and well done to all the cosplayers for some amazing artistry this year! I am blown away. Til next year!


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