[Song Review] Lay – 独角戏 (Monodrama)

I have been listening to this song non-stop morning and evening since the music video dropped on SM Station. The more I listen to it, the more I connect with the heartbreak in the song – that line “Tell me how to live without you girl” – ooof, hits me right in the chest.

Lay (Zhang Yixing) from EXO really gets to showcase, not only his impeccable songwriting, musical arrangement and gentle soothing voice, but his own mother tongue as he sings in Mandarin. This romantic, RnB track shows off his personality and his ability as a credible songwriter and solo performer who can stand alone on the strength of his vocals.

I am a big supporter of the solo material produced by EXO members, but 独角戏 (Monodrama) is definitely one of my favourite solo releases. Although it might not have the potential to be an award winning debut single, it has longevity as a standalone track and I can see myself still listening to it years from now.

Check out the video below, I can promise you that you won’t be able to help feeling seduced by his vocals and the melody, yet heartbroken by the emotion in his voice and the video itself. I have been listening to it before I go to sleep and I allow Lay’s voice to carry me off into slumber.

My verdict: 8/10 – Beautiful arrangement with a blend of harmonies and traditional RnB vibe. Promises longevity (personally) but not necessarily the next big hit.


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