[Song Review] Amber – Need To Feel Needed

Sorry for taking so long to post this! It has been the Bank Holiday weekend over here in England, so I have been busy busy busy! Only just catching up with writing today.

It is no secret that I low-key love Amber Liu and if there is one thing that I can thank SM for, it is letting Amber have free reign over her music and allowing her to be herself. She is coming out with some really emotive music at the moment and this is no exception.

Her previous two singles from Crossing have been the slow, sad, pensive types, her gentle voice lending to the emotion in the lyrics. This time, this song is a fun spring/summer love song with such a positive vibe. Her huge vocal range adds layers and depth to the track.

She writes her music in English (hailing from America originally) and for me, I’m so happy to see that even though her music that she is creating now is English language, she is still as popular as ever within the KPop community. She deserves this recognition, she is an excellent song writer regardless of the language and her voice is beautiful.

Watch the M/V below and you will see why I adore Amber – she is the best friend type. I say this because this is exactly the kind of M/V I would make with my friends, and I feel like it is Amber through and through. I’m sure you won’t be able to hold back a smile watching it.

My verdict: 9/10 – I don’t love it as much as Borders but I still love it. I can’t help but smile and dance along when I hear it.


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