[Performance] Monsta X – Mirotic

Tag-line: JOOHEOOOOON! Are you trying to kill me because I liked you enough before!

Ok so since Monsta X have come back with All In, they are just absolutely everywhere, gaining recognition where they deserve it. For a long time Monsta X were considered that rookie group and lived in the shadow of similar groups like BTS and GOT7 but since All In, that has changed and they are being credited for how tight of a unit they are. I didn’t review All In because it came out before I started writing reviews [wanna know what I think? It’s pretty obvious I love it  – it’s a sold 10/10 personally].

Monsta X have given Monbebes (yes that is their fandom name – what is life?!) the best gift they could possibly give, especially us slightly older fans who remember TVXQ (DBSK!) as they once were (all 5 members). This gift is the Special Stage performance they did  on 26th May for MCountdown.

Monsta X covered TVXQ’s Mirotic. I remember seeing the TVXQ video years ago, before I was even into KPop and I only really knew Super Junior. My take home impression was 1. I liked Changmin. 2. There’s a lot of chest on show (if you want to see chest, click here). Anyway, Mirotic has remained one of my favourite TVXQ songs since that day. But… I think Monsta X might have knocked it out of the park with their cover. 

As always, Monsta X are such a strong performance unit and each member gives this special stage their all, the choreography is completely on point (Minhyuk especially) – but my main reason for preferring this cover over the original is because of Jooheon and IM’s part. Ok, who am I kidding, it’s Jooheon. So, when Yunho (TVXQ) performs it, it’s pretty standard levels of sexy, but Jooheon manages to exude this seductive demeanour just from his facial expressions. This part, and this part alone, wins the whole thing for me. Check it out below – and for the part I love, pay special attention to 2:00 (oh yes, there’s also a fair bit of skin on show here too!)

My verdict: 10/10 – I haven’t stopped watching this performance. I’m pretty sure there’s no stopping Monsta X now. They’ll keep ascending until they hit it really big all of a sudden like GOT7 did. This performance and all their All In stages are just proof that they belong up there with all their sunbaes and peers.


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