UPDATE: Slight delay on posts

So, I am in Paris currently for KCon Paris tomorrow evening which means that I am slightly out of action for getting posts out. I have so many songs to review and they are all in my Draft box, I hope to clear some tonight, but if they’re a few days late please accept my sincere apologies.

I need to review Bangtan’s Anniversary stuff pretty soon before there’s too much to review. Have you seen the dance practice to Baepsae yet? [CLICK HERE FOR ENG SUB VERSION] It’s so ridiculously like Bangtan.

Speaking of Bangtan. They landed in Paris at the same time as me, so guess who caught a glimpse of little Namjoon, Taehyung and Jimin?! Me! I’m still not so sure how I’m so calm and collected given that Namjoon is pretty much almost my ultimate bias, but…. I think I’m just old.

I also got to see IOI who were lovely and kind and waved at everyone. I have some videos and I will upload them at some point or at the very least I will put them into my vlog and share it.

Ok sorry again for the delay that is coming! But I can promise you plenty of material from KCon itself!

Take care!


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