Dear Jungkook,

I want you to know how proud I am of you for that difficult broadcast you had to endure on Monday. It was a tough watch and lots of ARMY (and non-ARMY) across the world found it uncomfortable and unfair.

We saw how excited you were, only to be made to feel awkward and out of place, and that isn’t your fault.

For me, seeing your smile fade is the most painful thing. Your happiness is important to so many and to see that look of sadness and nerves spread across your face was the most difficult thing to watch.

You were voted as the leader of the flower road crew because of how many people adore you but I’m sorry if people didn’t listen and this caused you awkwardness between the others (I didn’t even vote – that shows how much I care – sorrrryyyy, I actually do love you but I was kinda busy – I will vote tonight). I know you were asking people not to vote or to at least only vote once, and I’m sorry that this didn’t happen – please know it’s only because people love you and they wanted to show you their love.

I’m SO proud of you – you showed incredible maturity and composure during the broadcast and I know that you’ll be fantastic during the rest of it. We are with you all the way and we are supporting you in every endeavour. Please continue to work hard and stay healthy. Look after yourself please because I’m worried about you – I only saw you in Paris 5 days ago and already you have done so much and are working way too much. Rest plenty, eat lots and know that we all love you.

Lots of Love,

Noona Jess


I took this picture of Kookie at KCon France last week – this boy has a special place in my heart


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