[Song Review] iKon -오늘 모해(#WYD)

iKon dropped this single without much promotion as they are currently busy with their Showtime tour yet it has actually gone from strength to strength, topping domestic and international charts! That’s iKon for you.

This is such a cute, romantic song – the lyrics talk about missing a special someone. You know….. bogo sipeo [I miss you]. The vibe of this song is completely different from what I personally feel iKon are renowned for. I don’t know how I feel about this song – its a lovely tune and I really appreciate the division of parts in this song, but I feel that its a little on the safe side for iKon and I feel like I’m waiting for them to bring out something big and punchy.

I’m not saying that I don’t like iKon’s soft and sensitive side, but in the past they have brought out downtempo songs that appeared more memorable and impactful and this appears to be a teaser of what is yet to come.

Nonetheless, it is a beautiful Spring song with the most adorable M/V that I have seen in ages! One thing that I can’t erase from my mind though is…. is Bobby wearing a tablecloth shirt at the end?

My verdict: 6/10  – Its a cutesy song but not really my cup of tea at the moment. I’m waiting for something else to drop from them – something a bit livelier.


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