[Song Review] Luna – Free Somebody

I hope you guys have been supporting Luna with her first solo single – because I am not joking when I say she seriously deserves your support. THIS SONG IS SOMETHING ELSE! The more I hear it, the more I love it. I can never get it out of my head and I think it is just Luna through and through. This is such an incredible summer track! A dance/club classic that will get you up and dancing no doubt.

This is exactly the direction I wanted to see one of the f(x) girls go into alone – and I’m so glad she did it. We all already know she has an incredible voice, so this song isn’t really for her to show off her vocal range but it is more about her having fun with her music. It is so upbeat, edgy and fun and is just honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard this summer so far. I was lucky enough to see her perform it live at KCon [click here].

The M/V throws up many questions though. Why is she wearing a DHL top in the video? What is up SM, first Jonghyun and the Visa top and now Luna and the DHL. Also I find the M/V concept really bizarre – I like how the video interchanges from real life to cartoon, a bit like Aha’s Take On Me, but some of the cartoon aspects are strange and questionable – one aspect looked like it was very heavy with sexual connotations.

My verdict: 10/10 – Seriously, go and listen to this song, you will not regret it. It’s a summer anthem. A dance classic that you will not regret hearing.


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