[TBT] Super Junior – Your Eyes

I know my throwback from a few weeks ago was Super Junior as well, and my throwbacks seem to be incredibly SM oriented recently [APOLOGIES – THIS IS ACTUALLY A COINCIDENCE] but I was thinking about what song I would appreciate being sung at my wedding (don’t even ask why) and it’s this song.

Just – look up the lyrics, it’s a man saying that the listener is their entire world and that he has made mistakes or they have distanced from each other in the past, but he wants the listener to know that they are the only thing that is important in their life.

Now you know why this is the song that I think I will always choose. I love Kyuhyun’s solo ballads [you all know this right – Kyuhyun’s voice is my achilles heel], but this song is really so very emotional to me. The confession of love – the ultimate confession [wow cheesy]. Plus we get the best of both worlds – Yesung’s deep and breathy tone combined with Kyuhyun’s flawless rich vocals.

This is my favourite performance of it, with Ryeowook on the piano (obscenely talented), and Yesung’s pink hair! Just listen to the emotion from both Yesung and Kyuhyun here (but Yesung in particular – that note at 3:40). I don’t think Yesung’s ballad performances will ever fail to bring me to tears.


P.S. Next week I promise, I’ll make it not an SM artist [haha] I was actually going to throwback to U-KISS because I’ve been listening SO MUCH recently. But goodbye, this song has floored my entire week.


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