[Song Review] Beenzino – Life In Color

It’s taken me two weeks to write this post because I’ve been doing a lot of KPop/Korean related things recently [I’m filming a short on what Korea means to me – and it has taken up my entire life (outside of work of course)] plus EVERYONE IS MAKING A COMEBACK. Anyway, better late than never.

I know a lot of people that like KPop that are afraid of K-Hip Hop/Rap (why?) – If you wanted easing into the current Hip Hop scene, I would strongly suggest starting with this track. It is a fun, vibrant and accessible summer Hip Hop track. Not only is it catchy and upbeat, it is the perfect introduction to Beenzino’s flow and style as a rapper (which is one of my favourites. Personally I love that his style is more melodic and mid-tempo than some other Hip Hop. It, at times, really reminds me of lots of the dreamy West Coast Hip Hop that I like).

This song in particular, I can guarantee you will want to play on repeat this summer. It is a head-bopper, and even a side-stepper. You will want to dance, with a big smile on your face. The song is about living your life in colour, taking risks, all because of a certain special someone. The MV is bright and beautiful, with colours oozing from every corner and it fits with the tempo of the song so well – vibrant. The video is creative and artistic, which is not unusual for Beenzino.

If you like this song, maybe give some of his other songs a go too, because like I say, once you like his style, you like his style.

My verdict: 10/10 – I don’t think I will be turning this song off for a long time. I love this one Beenzino. Hats off to you.


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