[TBT] BTS – If I Ruled The World

I was so convinced that this week it was going to be UKiss – you should have seen me playing Quit Playing on repeat on the weekend. But as ever – BTS manage to exist on several planes of my being (that was weird).

So it was Bangtan’s 3rd birthday on Monday which is why I have not stopped listening to them for the past few days – does it get tiring? Nope. Especially when you have ABSOLUTE GEMS from Dark & Wild, O!RUL8,2, 2 Cool 4 Skool and Skool Luv Affair (I’m a big old school Bangtan fan).

MY FAVOURITE old Bangtan song is Let Me Know – have you HEARD IT? It’s so emotional and even keeled and then you hear Jimin’s vocals at the end and feel like he’s taken you on an emotional rollercoaster. Of course there’s also RM’s breathy tone in his vocal.

So I fully intended THAT to be my BTS TBT, that or Cypher Pt 3 (because Taehyung at the BTS birthday party) but ACTUALLY, it’s this. I was talking about the O!RUL8,2 album with a friend and I told her this song was my favourite on it because it just reminds me of a lot of R&B and Hip Hop that was around when I was really young so it makes me feel slightly nostalgic. And since then, I haven’t stopped listening to it. I love the styling of this song – it’s a fun Hip Hop track embedded in an album of gritty Rap.

Ok so this is my favourite performance of this song because 1) They look SO YOUNG! and 2) Why does Suga jump on Taehyung’s back and they all line up in a row? It’s all a bit strange, but again – so are Bangtan.

HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY BANGTAN – thanks for the ride so far. I often follow you *metaphorically* blindly and wonder how I end up in fields, fjords and beaches with you, but I’m walking with you guys and I won’t stop as long as you’re still making music I love (no pressure eh? Haha!).

[P.S. Haaaaa look at how young they all looked in my header photo! What a difference even a few years can make!]


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