[Opinion] 4Minute disband

I was just checking my correspondence and noticed that someone wanted me to voice my opinion on 4Minute’s break up as I have kept my cards close to my chest and only really vocalised in front of friends – I have been processing.

Of course, 4Minute were one of my favourite girl groups – they have been around roughly since the time that I started listening to KPop so I have followed them throughout their career and enjoyed the feisty persona’s that the girls brought to the KPop scene at the time. Because of this, I was (and continue to be) really very upset at the news of 4Minute disbanding.

If you had not heard, CUBE Entertainment issued a statement last week confirming that Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun’s contracts with the company would not be extended and that they were to leave CUBE. Hyuna, however, was due to have her contract extended.

To me, it all seemed very out of the blue. The group seemed strong from the outset and that they were still good friends – amongst friends I had only just discussed how tight of a unit they were a matter of weeks ago. 4Minute had just released their latest album, Act 7, with the single ‘Hate’ which they had collaborated on with Skrillex. Many say that their disbandment was to do with the fact that Hate did not win any awards when it was released, but honestly, I think it is more about the money. Hyuna is a successful solo artist, however as a group, I feel like CUBE have let the other members go because they no longer see the value in keeping them on as a unit. For CUBE it probably doesn’t seem financially viable to keep 4Minute open, when to them, the big earnings could really just come from Hyuna (why pay 5 people when you could pay one?)

I don’t know – CUBE say that actually it was the members’ decision to disband and I am not one to cast aspersions or to put blame on an agency, but I actually thought that 4Minute were supportive of each other and the group as a whole so I find it difficult to believe that they would choose to disband. Furthermore, and I hate to say it, I don’t really see what future the four girls have in KPop outside of 4Minute (sorry) so for them to leave willingly would be like signing away their careers.

I hear that bad blood is now boiling between the ex-members and Hyuna – and that is the saddest outcome throughout all of this. It really upsets me that these five girls who I really admired and thought to be good friends could really now be no more, both professionally and personally. I hope they manage to work things out.

So, to me, 4Minute’s disbanding was a shock. A real surprise – I was expecting them to stay around for a lot longer and to cultivate their new sound a bit more [I actually did not hate Act 7]. Further, it upsets me because I think girl groups need protecting in a day and age where boy groups are the most popular. To me, 4Minute will always be those strong, fierce independent ladies (like 2NE1) who I could look up to and we need to fight, vote and buy the singles of our girl groups so that agencies will think twice before canning them.


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