[TBT] June Marieezy – Fly

YO! FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND STRANGERS – NCT 127 HAVE OFFICIALLY DEBUTED – it is safe to say I am living. I will get to reviewing them once I have seen their MCountdown peformances – watch this space.

Today’s throwback is a song that I have on my ‘Chill Out’ playlist and this week I have been in serious need of a chill out considering work has been ruling my existence, and all of these comebacks!

If you don’t know who June Marieezy is, she a young Filipino singer who was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but moved to the Philippines in 2008. There she has resided since, building a studio out in the open nature on her parental island, and using her proximity to nature to influence her song writing and her sound. Her move to the Philippines has led her to bring out music to fit with her bohemian style and some might describe some of her music to be ethereal. To me, her music reminds me of the sea, of the beaches that she overlooks whilst she is writing music. Her songs remind me of peace, of the crashing waves, of no troubles. And most importantly her songs remind me of home [because the Philippines is one of my homes].

‘Fly’ gives me that sense of calm when I listen to it – it has a slow down-tempo R&B vibe to it, which June adds a sensual vocal to. Her voice is transporting – gentle and somewhat faraway. Personally, when I hear this song, I want to close my eyes and imagine sitting under a coconut tree, feeling the breeze and hearing the waters lap up on the beach. I wonder if you will feel the same way?


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