[TBT] Descendants of the Sun – Onew edition

This shouldn’t really be a throwback because its not a year old yet and my general rule of thumb is not to throwback to anything less than one year old… but there is a reason for this.

This week our wonderful SHINee leader Onew [Lee Jinki] won a Scene Stealers award for his role in Descendants of the Sun. He is a rookie when it comes to acting, despite having been an idol for coming up to a decade, so this is such a wonderful honour to have been bestowed upon him! I am proud of you little Jinki – your acting in Descendants of the Sun moved me to tears – in fact I can safely say, the particular scene below broke my heart and I sobbed into my pillow throughout (watch at your own peril). You deserve this award for all your hard work and dedication!

Jinki accepted his award with joy and pride and it would appear that everybody loves him (and rightly so). He did a moonwalk on stage and tripped up… twice, then he fake cried on stage – this boy knows no bounds when it comes to fanservice. Video below [in Korean].

If you haven’t watched Descendants of the Sun, it is 2016’s hot drama and I would highly recommend it. It has aspects of comedy, drama, romance and much much more within. The general plot line, without giving too much away, is centred around a doctor and a captain in a special forces unit in the South Korean army and how their lives intertwine. There is a huge amount of drama and action and it will keep you gripping the edge of your seat. It is much loved across the world and I have no doubt that you will love it too.


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