[Song Review] Astro – Breathless

Why are Astro so cute? Can someone give me a realistic answer to this please? They are so bubbly and fun and eternally cute. Lots of boy groups have made a comeback this month and I am sorry to say that Astro haven’t really had a lot of my attention lately but I did not miss this song. How can you? It is a precursor to the summer!

Astro are BACK with ‘Breathless’ a cute (how many times can I relate the word cute to Astro), fun, vibrant pop song for the summer. It is upbeat and high-energy and fits their personality so well. When I think of Astro, this kind of bright-eyed, big-smile image comes to mind and that is exactly how you describe this song.

My favourite thing about this song is how the rap sections integrate with the rest of the song – they don’t hang loose in the air, nor do they feel like a forced effort to inject rap into the song, they are incorporated into the vocals and not treated as separate. ‘Breathless’ is an excellent illustration of how Astro achieve this.

The MV matches the song so well – colourful, bright and bouncy. It will leave you pining after the sea, sun and relaxation. I also find the concept of the changing coloured soda bottles really adorable. This is a song for your summer vacation – to listen to on a road trip, on the beach, or even when you are packing your bags. You will be dancing around your bedroom with your hairbrush in hand, singing along to the post-chorus. Not to mention, you will not stop singing it because it’s relentlessly catchy!

My verdict: 9/10 – I seriously adore this song – I like it even more than their debut release ‘Hide & Seek’! It causes me to dream of the sun and makes me feel immediately happy. Astro are one of those groups that can make you feel ecstatic and liberated and this song is an example of how they achieve it. This song has the potential to age really well and last for many summers to come. Oh gosh – I’m about to say it again…. WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?

I am only just listening to their album ‘Summer Vibes’ as I type now – but I believe that this group are already going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what more they bring out. Personally I prefer their uptempo songs to their ballads because of the reason I described above – the link between the rap and vocals. In their slower songs, the distinction between rap and vocal is clear and it occasionally feels awkward and stunted [except for in ‘My Style’ which I think might be my new favourite song? There is a really unexpected flat note in the chorus that has just pricked up my attention].


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