[Song Review] Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

It isn’t a joke when I say I haven’t been this excited for a girl group comeback in a long time. I adore Red Velvet but I think the action packed schedule of comebacks has unfortunately made it incredibly easy to overlook this upcoming comeback, which would be a huge mistake. This song deserves at least a modicum of your attention, even if you play it in the background, as this impressively bouncy electro-pop is the perfect close to the summer.

Red Velvet have done it again, releasing yet another insanely catchy song. Red Velvet are known for their fun, upbeat, vibrant music and personalities and they most definitely do not disappoint with ‘Russian Roulette’. I have had this song on repeat all afternoon and have been bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet. It is the song to tell you that summer is not yet over. Enjoy the the unmistakeable synth chords synonymous with music from the turn of this decade and Red Velvet’s angelic voices.

The MV is so typically Red Velvet – colourful, aesthetically pleasing and artistic. The framing of each scene is quirky and even the colour scheme is abstract, with patterns and CGI aspects reflecting the 1970s. Aside from the choreography, the scenes contrast to the tempo of the song, with blank faces staring back at us and minuscule movements made. The concept might be seen as disturbing because there are a lot of ‘Itchy and Scratchy’ moments, but the lyrics are “Love is a Russian Roulette”, meaning that love is a lucky dip and you might get hurt!

My verdict: 9/10 – I am currently more than in love with this song. I love how upbeat, fun and chirpy it is. It is the song to close our summer with and we will remember the start of autumn with this track. A part of me feels like this song, however, could have been sung by any girl group and I am missing RV’s distinctive voices and R&B style. This songs’ repetitive synth sounds and lyrics make it difficult for me to tell whether I will grow sick of this song in due course, however for now, I do not see this as a possibility and I will be playing this on repeat for the rest of the week! 


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