[Song Review] Bobby – 꽐라(HOLUP!)

Hold me – I can’t breathe. It has been absolutely ages since I’ve heard Bobby do anything solo. Yes, I was one of those people screaming on the edge of my seat after him on Show Me The Money. Now, and rightfully so (better late than never), Bobby has been allowed to have his solo debut! He graces us with his first single HOLUP!

I have fallen in love with this completely. I am a big fan of Bobby’s tone, he has that growl that he injects into his music when he’s feeling it and you get plenty of that here. This song is an uptempo rap track with a simple and repetitive electro beat, enabling us to focus entirely on Bobby’s voice and his delivery of the lyrics. This is a strong debut track that will appeal to many of his fans. Bobby has earned fans across the Hip-Hop community, but he also, of course, has many fans from the iKON circuit. HOLUP! is an accessible rap song that sticks true to Bobby’s genre and preference but he hasn’t gone too hard so as not to be able to connect with iKON fans wanting to support him. Smart move.

The MV is a hot mess – this is the biggest downside to the release, which is ok, because I just won’t watch it. I understand the concept – it is Bobby’s eclectic mind and the mess within, however the video is all over the place with lights flashing left right and centre and confusion galore. Then here I am sat here in shock as he takes his top off and Bobby transforms from my 20 year old child into a man. He has been working out!!

Welcome to my palace
Others just get jealous
I’ll take you to a wonderland
y’all be my Alice

My verdict: 9/10 – I am on the VERGE of giving this a 10/10. I haven’t been so dumbfounded over a K-rap track in absolutely ages, however my reservations lie in my knowledge of Bobby’s ability. Bobby has previously gone hard and spit bars at higher frequency to this in the past and I know a lot of fans who followed him through SMTM were expecting his lyricism to be churned out faster than it was here. To me, I think this song is perfect without it, but it might be nice to hear him show off his full potential before the promoting period is over.

Note: Song Minho (Mino from WINNER) is releasing his single today, and then on the 8th September, MOBB (Mino and Bobby) are releasing a single. Please await my YG babies – I have a feeling this is going to be big.


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