[Song Review] Mino – 몸 BODY

Sorry it’s taken me a little while to get these reviews done – I was away in France the end of last week and that’s where I’ll be this weekend, but thats a story for another day.

So, I mentioned in my last post that Mino was releasing a solo track to follow Bobby’s. Please please please do not ask me to compare the two. I have been asked this so many times in the past week and I have the same answer for everyone. Mino and Bobby and two different artists with different styles within the same genre. You cannot draw comparisons between the two and I will not add fuel to the fire comparing them to each other. I make my review based on the song itself.

Loads of my readers know how much I look up to Song Minho. I am a big WINNER fan and his performances on Show Me The Money 4 just woke everyone up to the potential he has as a rapper and a standalone artist (don’t talk to me about the controversy – I’m tired of talking about it. Though you can message me about it if you like). He doesn’t disappoint with ‘BODY’ – he manages to show his versatility as he raps and ‘sings’ over the unmistakeable hi-hat and 8 bar repetition of the tune. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Mino’s work might have felt that this was a little too subtle and sensual to be a rap track on the same album as HOLUP! but I would suggest thinking again. Mino is known for covering a wide range of genres and is adaptable to many different styles of rap (listen to ‘Fear’ and then listen to ‘Machine Gun’ – completely different types of music). Although I was expecting Mino to release something that completely let loose, a bit like ‘Machine Gun’, ‘BODY’ is a completely welcome change of pace and I promise that you will not be able to stop yourself from singing along. His recognisable tone still rings out throughout and his ability to draw you into a song is still ever present. If you watch the MV – get a fan or a bucket of water because…. Well. You will watch it and you will see. Who allowed Song Minho to even make this MV. Who?!

My verdict: 8/10 – I adore this song! I am always impressed with Song Minho. He is unbelievably talented as an artist, a rapper. I was expecting something a little different from him (rapid fire with his delivery, which I got from MOBB anyway) but I love this track nonetheless. I find it a little less memorable that some other songs he was taken part in but I will never stop singing along. A rap track with sensual undertones – a very mature sound. Keep supporting our lovely Mino – Inner Circle are proud of you!


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