[Album Review] Jay Park – Me Like Yuh

I’m not even going to give Park Jaebeom an intro – his legacy precedes him, and I’m afraid if I start singing his praises I will NEVER STOP. So, I am a bit late reviewing this album but seeing as Jay dropped his dance version to ‘Aquaman’ only a few days ago, I thought I might still be able to sneak a quick word in about this Single Album. Both songs on this album are entirely in English – I have something to say about this later – and both are produced by none other than Cha Cha Malone.

Me Like Yuh – This track has some strong calypso/Caribbean vibes to it and it would appear that the entire world LOVES it (myself included) and we want Jay to move forwards in this direction. His voice suits the beat and backing to this track so much and the almost entirely instrumental chorus conjures up those late summer beach vibes for all the party crowd. One tip though Jay…. I don’t want you to be my Justin Bieber, so you can retract that lyric. We want you to be our Park Jaebeom Shwaybeom! The thing I love the most about this song is that whilst he has opted for the Caribbean vibe, he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than R&B. An easy listen to wind down the evening, you’ll catch all of us wining to this next time I play it at a party.

Aquaman – THIS SONG = !!!!!! Just listen to the lyrics and you will be blushing, holding your hands to your face, feeling unsure where to look. Here comes my point about singing in English. When singing in Korean, if you’re not well versed in Korean, you mostly will not understand the content of the lyrics – and sometimes that is a good thing! IN THIS CASE….. SOME AMBIGUITY MIGHT HAVE BEEN NICE. OR MAYBE A WARNING BEFORE I PLAYED IT IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY! Whatever, Jay can do no wrong – I still love this song and it hasn’t stopped me from singing it out loud. It’s nice that Jay has chosen to go low-mid tempo on both of these songs, it fits so well with his voice and doesn’t detract from his gentle and ‘angelic’ (you can’t call Jay an angel) vocals. This is a head bopper and again, a wind down song – getting many people in the mood for the next part of the evening IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT – JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG. The MV is SO RANDOM but really aesthetically pleasing. You can check out the Dance Version too – I adore the superpower dance move.

My verdict: 9/10 – OBSCENELY catchy two tracks. I could listen to this on repeat all day every day. Cha Cha is a skilled producer who speaks to me, his musical stylings are just completely up my street and so my vibe (I still love you Gray). It lost one point because I’m still bright red from the ‘Aquaman’ lyrics. Jay, you’ve done it again – you make me weak at the knees. AOMG forever.


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