[Song Reviews] MOBB -FULL HOUSE & HIT ME

Double whammy – MOBB (Mino x Bobby – told you big things were coming) have arrived as YG’s first Hip-Hop/Rap duo since GD x T.O.P! MOBB are EVERYTHING I could have wanted and more. The energy is unmistakeable. The skill in lyricism and the talent in music writing and production is obvious from the first note. MOBB are easy to fall in love with – their cheeky charm and charisma and the ease with which they perform their lyrics will leave you wanting more of MOBB.

‘붐벼 Full House’ gives us that completely gritty performance that we expect from both Mino and Bobby as well versed and talented rappers. I cannot even turn this off. The minute you hear the snare kick in, the whole place is just lit. I know I’m not the only one that is captivated by Bobby’s singing from the minute he opens his mouth – then that first verse, with the classic Bobby growl. Mino of course delivers his perfectly constructed verse with the right amount of attitude and punch – how many other languages can you hear? Before this though, Bobby fits in a line from ‘Rhythm Ta’ and even manages to say ‘HOLUP!’, references to a iKON song and his own song respectively – this doesn’t fail to put a smile on my face. The breakdown after the second chorus has to be one of my favourite things about this entire song – providing a short reprieve from what is otherwise an assault (in a good way) on your senses. The video is eclectic with lots of different concepts and angles, but somehow it seems to work – plus, we have Chaelin in there too!

My verdict: 9/10 – I love the beat behind this track and the mid-tempo vibe that suits this collaboration so well. They share the stage so well here and allowing Bobby’s singing to shine has been a godsend. Their personalities and abilities shine through here to bring us a collaboration like no other – I’m still dancing to it. The slightly lower score is due to what is about to follow

‘빨리 전화해 Hit Me’ (feat. KUSH) might be my FAVOURITE song this month. I can’t get over it – I’ve sent it to almost every friend that cares and I’ve blasted it out of many windows whilst pumping my arms up and down in the air. It’s just one of those songs. You know it’s going to be one of those songs when you hear the build up at the intro, leading straight into the high energy, high tempo chorus. I am not even surprised they worked with KUSH, one of YG’s in house producers, as he has been a big part of SMTM with both Mino and Bobby and he really sees the value in these little ones. Mino shows us what he is all about here – his rap in the first verse is packed full of his personality – in fact, this entire song is just Mino and Bobby’s friendship in a nutshell. It’s BONKERS. Again, Bobby singing is just a work of art…. until you hear Mino singing, and then you realise that we have been blessed by this track in hearing both of their vocals. Another sneaky reference in here – they sing a lyric from GD & T.O.P’s ‘Don’t Go Home’ – again, this makes me unbelievably happy, it’s like an homage. The video is SUCH GOOD FUN and possibly one of my favourite videos to have been released of late. It is so unpretentious with no hidden concept or meaning behind it. It is just boys about town having fun. Not sure what I have to say about Mino’s tassled top though.

My verdict: 10/10 – I LOVE THIS SONG. I can’t tell you enough. The uptempo vibe is the perfect way to end the summer and just shows the best of collaborative work between friends and artists. This is just one of those classic party tracks and, to me, has longevity potential – I’m thinking on the same level as GD & T.O.P. This song is one to beat for me this second half of the year. It’s just brought the entire house down.

All I need to say about MOBB is…. you need to give them your unfaltering support (is it obvious how much I love them?). You cannot deny the talent these two boys have and through their strong friendship, commitment and dedication, they have been able to produce music together that just completely makes sense. You wouldn’t even realise that they are not in a group together. Their tones blend so well and even though they produce different music when they are apart, the music that has come from this is the type of music that will be around for years to come. Now, as I end this post – I want you to look at this live performance of ‘Hit Me’ and tell me everything that is strange about it.


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