[TBT] Happy 1st Year Anniversary iKON

This week iKON celebrated their 1 year anniversary and I almost missed it because I was too busy babying Bobby. Can you believe it has been one year since ‘My Type’. Wow.

Congratulations boys – you have built the strongest fanbase over the past year and I am always happy to see all my fellow Londoners showing iKON such support – internationally you are huge. I cannot believe that it has only been a year – you carry yourselves like artists who have debuted for more than 4 years. Congratulations for all that you have achieved, for all that you do. WHAT FIRE WAS HEROES OF REMIX?!?! I am forever in awe of your talent, confidence and hard-working nature – each and every one of you. You might do things separately from time to time, but you are strong. Finally, thank you for continuing to write music for some of my favourite artists (I’m looking at you Hanbin and Jiwon).

I can’t wait to see what you come out with in the future – I MISS YOU! I have loved seeing you on Heroes of Remix and of course Bobby’s solo work too. Come back soon! I have been here for your entire first year…. and I’ll be here for every year to come. P.S. Hanbin – thank you for being a strong leader. It’s not easy leading a bunch of boys that are 50% older than you. Thank you for looking after my Jiwonnie… even though he’s older than you, he needs help. And on that note, here’s ‘Rhythm Ta’, and here’s the Heroes of Remix (Chinese) cover of ‘Kiss You Goodbye’. Now who else is feeling like a proud parent?!

If you’re reading this on a computer and Donghyuk’s head has been cut off the header – I’m SORRYYYY I DIDNT DO THIS ON PURPOSE, its just the formatting of the theme, but it comes out ok on tablet and phone.


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