[Concert] MYNAME live in London – 10th Sept 2016

I have been hanging onto this post for a long time – unwilling to publish it in case I forgot details – but I think it’s time to let it fly. I still can’t quite comprehend what happened, I mean, one day I was in France looking at my phone and next thing I know, I see tickets are still on sale and the following day I’m in London and ready to see them!

I managed to get a fair amount of footage before my phone ran out of memory – you can see the vids in the playlist below.

For those of you who have not been to Islington Academy before, it is a tiny venue with a capacity of only a couple of hundred people – imagine my joy when I turned up right on the hour of the doors opening and sill found myself with an incredible view, despite being stood at the back.

The concert started off with a bang with a prolonged intro and the boys running out on stage straight into ‘Just That Little Thing’. The choreo was as energetic and precise as in the MV – if you check out my concert FANCAM playlist, you will see that Seyong is unbelievably flexible. Look at that kick! Ok are you looking at the kick or are you wondering why Insoo and Seyong are barely wearing clothes – BECAUSE I WAS WONDERING THIS TOO. It was some kind of takeover ploy I’m sure.

They played the classics like ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, ‘Message’, ‘Hello & Goodbye’ and more – all completely effortlessly. Gunwoo’s voice, even when reaching those high notes, is angelic as ever (YES I would still say this even if he wasn’t my bias). JunQ’s synonymous “vigiding vigiding vigidongdong” is still going around in my head and honestly, live, it sounds better. He’s the cutest bean I’ve seen – he’s awkward and shy but isn’t that why everyone loves him? Chaejin used to be my wrecker but I’m unsure after seeing JunQ’s personality for my own eyes.

All the boys sang a cover of Westlife’s “My Love (Coast to Coast” which, although I don’t know if anyone would confess to being a Westlife fan these days, I actually love and have fond memories of. Knowing all the words to this song SHOWS MY AGE because few people in the crowd knew it. It’s ok, I tell myself, because Insoo and Gunwoo are still older than me. They absolutely nailed the cover and considering that English is not exactly their strongest language (Seyong and JunQ are actually pretty good. Insoo’s English is quite good too but he didn’t speak as much as Seyong) they did fantastically!!

Seyong did his dance solo (watch the video for evidence) and ended up ripping his shirt open as you do. Come on, abs on show at all times from Kim Seyong *rolls eyes and secretly loves it*. Then Insoo and JunQ sang a rendition of See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, which was both impressive and emotional, especially as the whole crowd began singing along, our voices bringing the entire building to a standstill.

The concert ended with a couple more of their album tracks and with Seyong wielding a Union Jack flag with the MYNAME logo brandished in the centre.

Crowds billowed out in a hubbub, the vast majority of us taking our places to meet the boys. I hadn’t quite prepared myself to meet the boys, having only decided that night and the prospect of meeting Lee Gunwoo was slightly overwhelming. We are all ushered up the stairs section by section. You turn around the corner and all you can see is Gunwoo stooping over and smiling and all of a sudden I’m not ready. My heart was pounding in my chest and in my head I was thinking “put on a brave face Jess – just smile”.

We get encouraged along and first is Gunwoo, he’s slightly bent over, eyes wide, looking straight into my eyes. I’m struggling to catch my breath because Gunwoo is my bias and his eyes are huge. I’m finding it hard to look at him and our palms make contact and he says “Hi”. I almost don’t register it before I blurt out “Gunwoo, you’re so handsome!” He looks startled and doesn’t say ANYTHING. For a moment I think I’ve scared him off and start panicking. Then I hear laughter to my left and I see Chaejin chuckling. Chaejin had seen my Gunwoo sign on my phone in the crowd and had pulled Gunwoo over to acknowledge it so I don’t know if he had put two and two together and realised it was me or not. Gunwoo eventually breaks out into a soft smile, his eyes still huge and focuses on me and says “Thank You”. I’m ushered along but I can feel Gunwoo watching and smiling.

Im freaking internally from meeting Gunwoo that I almost don’t even register Chaejin?!? Honestly all I can think about is how nice his hair is. He’s probably only a little bit taller than me (165cm) and he has the cutest smile. He high fives me and smiles broadly saying “Hi”.

Next is Seyong and all I know is HE IS WEARING HIS FISHNET VEST/TOP. All of a sudden I’m trying my best not to stare at his chest? He’s so handsome and has such a slender face. Our hands touch and he says “Hi, How are you?” And my brain can’t comprehend the fact that he is speaking to me in English so I struggle to even say anything in response. He smiles again and let’s me go on to JunQ.

JunQ is honestly so very handsome!!! I wanted to throw my arms around him and hug him and I was close to giving him everything I owned just if that meant that this boy has enough to continue being amazing (this makes no sense). He had his hand held up and he wrapped his fingers around my hand and squeezed it gently whilst saying “Hi” and he smiled softly and looked really shy. He looked down at my gigantic bag (I had had a long long day) and frowned before letting my hand go. He spotted the rosary around my wrist that I had been wearing to a funeral in the day and he smiled again. This whole time, I’m not sure I’ve breathed. I’m sorry Chaejin, the bias wrecker spot might be officially JunQ’s?!!

Finally it’s Insoo. I’m sad to say that I barely even registered Insoo after meeting JunQ because I couldn’t still my beating heart. I know he’s only just taller than me though? We had a very weak high five and he smiled softly – he looked tired. He says ‘Hello’ gently and I nodded over at him before we broke eye contact and I was made to kneel in front of him/JunQ for the picture. The whole time I’m thinking JunQ is behind me. I’m trying to force a smile but I think I’m just stressed.

We get up and are made to go. I spin around and wave with both hands at Insoo and JunQ and they beam back and wave and then I move along and try to get Gunwoo’s attention. I’m trying desperately but manage to find Chaejin’s eyes – he smiles gently and waves back with one hand and then Gunwoo’s huge eyes fall on my face and he waves with both hands whilst smiling so broadly. I think I might be in shock but I manage to walk away with my hands trembling and feeling like I’ve lost the ability to catch my breath. I’m screaming internally and my face is frozen in shock as I try to register what has just happened?!

GUYS!!!! If MYNAME ever come to your home town I would completely recommend seeing them – they are outstanding live, with choreography as energetic as ever and vocal abilities on point. They are humble guys and such good fun live. I feel so honoured to meet such a nice bunch of guys who deserve the world and more recognition! Stan them please, they’re perfect. Plugging them slightly here: They recently got a VApp profile – follow them and you’ll see why I love them. Particularly, watch their second video (the JunQ and Gunwoo eating one) – hysterical!


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