[Song Review] INFINITE – The Eye

It has been a while since I first viewed this song and considering it came out whilst I was in Paris for VIXX, this review is rather late but I HAD to do it because this song has impacted me in ways that I hadn’t actually imagined.

Lots of readers know that I am not an INFINITE stan. I like them, but I don’t know their back catalogue comprehensively, nor could I tell you every members’ name – I know Myungsoo (ofc ofc), Sunggyu, Sungjong and Hoya (sorry friends – I am not well versed). But maybe this is a good thing because when you stan a group it can be difficult to be objective when they release a new song because you tend to support them no matter what. Here I am giving you my completely objective opinion here – THIS SONG…. IS THE BEST SONG YOU WILL HEAR THIS MONTH.

The track begins with subtle piano accompaniment and a slow tempo, sounding not far off from a ballad, with Sunggyu’s tender vocals capturing your attention from the first moment. My first thoughts were, “Wow, brave of them to come back with a ballad?”, and then the strings and beat kick in to raise the song to a mid tempo, and before you know it, tension is building and you are on the edge of your seat waiting for a chorus that is up tempo and dramatic, with a strong string section ringing through the chorus. Then the track takes an unexpected turn with an electro dance break straight after the chorus. This variety in tempo, instruments and even genres, continues throughout the song, keeping you on your toes throughout and it feels like being dragged through a story from start to finish. The MV is BIZARRE though – I will not lie. I have no clue what Myungsoo is up to? What is in the box?The dancing – always incredible, they move as one – they are a unit.

My verdict: 10/10 – I was completely blown away and astounded by this song. I still listen to it with mouth agape. I already know that this is one of my favourite songs of the autumn. The tension and drama is clear in the track, without any visual accompaniment – it is evocative and exciting and keeps you wanting more, and as mentioned – their performances are just so perfectly synchronised. I have issues with Woolim at the moment for how they are looking after Sungjong** but I will admit that this song has been a genius move yet again.

** For those who don’t know what this is referring to – I am referring to Sungjong’s extreme dieting that he is being subjected to when he does not wish to diet and was happy with his previous appearance. He is only young and is unhappy at Woolim and their treatment of him may cause him to leave sooner rather than later and you know what, I 100% would not blame him and in fact, I would completely support him if he chose to.


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