[Song Review] Yu Jaeseok X EXO – Dancing King

My latest obsession. Maybe that’s all I should write on this review?

Do you know who Yu Jaeseok (Yoo Jaesuk) is? He is of ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ‘Running Man’ fame – a household name in Korea for his variety show popularity. Now he is also known for collaborating with EXO on this absolute hit! This song was a collaboration on SM Station (again, my favourite thing for SM to have done in ages) for Infinite Challenge, and although Jaesuk is not a performer, he has done himself proud here!


This song is an upbeat dance number, an anthemic club vibe complete with brass instruments in the background. This is unlike any of EXO’s recent releases however this style and genre suits them so well which displays their versatility as artists. I can imagine hearing this song in a club over this side of the world and everyone going completely wild for it. It has a typical dance rhythm, complete with a beat that you can clap along to. This song is one that you will not be able to sit down to and you will be blown away by the strength in some of the vocals – Kyungsoo’s part before the second chorus is something that I often have to rewind – it sends shivers up my spine, and of course Baekhyun’s vocals are like chocolate to me. The video makes me obscenely happy – it is the entire journey, from start to finish, of this song, culminating in the performance of it (including Yoo Jaesuk) at EXO’RDIUM in Bangkok. All I have to say here is… I love the dabs, I love the side steps, I love Lay’s bizarre 90s dance moves, and Minseok looks so adorable – he is older than me yet I feel like he is a squishy child.

My verdict: 9/10 – I would have rated this 10/10 however I’m not mad on Chanyeol and Sehun’s rap. We all know they can do better and it just felt like an afterthought and misplaced. In fact, I might have preferred the song without it. Doesn’t stop this from being my new obsession though. I think Yoo Jaesuk did so well and has a wonderful voice and his performance was incredible, even with the choreography! Well done to him and well done to EXO for another successful release! Even if you’re not sure about checking out a slightly different side to EXO, watch this video so you can gush with happiness  with me over how close EXO pairings are: Chanyeol x Sehun, Baekhyun x Suho and Kyungsoo x Minseok – what heaven (or what fresh hell).


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