[Song Review] Bada X Ryeowook – Cosmic

I have managed to review tracks in the wrong order but I couldn’t miss this song out. It hit me straight in the heart as soon as I heard it. Many of you know that Super Junior were my first KPop group (technically DBSK – but we won’t get into that) and anything Super Junior related is met with excitement from me, but particularly when it comes from one of the K.R.Y subunit. A lot of you also know that K.R.Y have a special place in my heart – the members with voices that have the ability to make me cry on the spot. So of course, finding out that Ryeowook was to be releasing a collaboration with Bada on SM Station (AGAIN THANK YOU SM) was news of joy!

For those of you who do not know who Bada is, I’m not berating you, but get to know – here is a short education. Bada was the main vocalist in the group S.E.S who effectively were the first ever successful girl group (think Shinhwa era… though S.E.S debuted a year prior to Shinhwa). Like Shinhwa, S.E.S debuted with SM Entertainment, but after S.E.S broke up, Bada parted ways with SM, which is why it is interesting to hear her voice back on an SM platform! Nice to have you back Bada – her voice. I’ve missed it.

‘Cosmic’ is the perfect synthesis between two incredibly skilled and powerful vocalists. Their voices intertwine together to produce a seamless track, and they play off of each others’ ad libs. Neither voice is competing with the other for attention, they both occupy the space equally. This is the one of the best duets I have heard in a number of months. This mid-tempo ballad will leave you feeling uplifted and transported as you hang on to every harmony and note in both vocals. The ambience they create is magical and leaves you feeling speechless. This collaboration…. was the best move and I could never have imagined it. What a beautifully emotional MV too!

My verdict: 9/10 – oh my word, I just got shivers listening to this song again whilst reviewing. The talent and abilities in these two is unparalleled. This is what you get when you have years of experience in the industry. Both are incredible vocalists and this just shines through in this track. It is a wonderful start to the winter. The hope that you look for in the dark mornings. You will fall in love with this. Wookie – you collaborated properly with your idol!


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