[Song Reviews] GOT7 – Hard Carry & Let Me

Ah they are back – GOT7, my beloved boy group with the sibling feel (as in… they feel like my brothers). They have risen from the ashes of scandal (slight international scandal) and returned with a full length album titled ‘Flight Log: Turbulence’. I won’t lie, I find the title absolutely hilarious considering the first installation was Departure, and I found the trailer for the album incredibly UNSETTLING. If you haven’t seen it, please click here (or don’t, if you don’t want to be traumatised). Nonetheless, this album is 13 tracks (yes you heard right – THIRTEEN) of change – the sound is very different from what you might know GOT7 for. I sadly don’t have time at the moment to review the whole album but here I’ll review their title track ‘Hard Carry’ and the other song they are promoting ‘Let Me’.

‘Hard Carry’… where to begin. Let me begin by telling you that when I first heard this song, I didn’t love it – in fact, I’m not sure I even liked it? I disliked almost every aspect of the song except for JB’s part (sucker for JB’s voice), however I have to say that the more I have listened to it and watched their stages (because I still adore them so I will still check them out), I have actually grown to appreciate this song and the change in genre completely. I actually find myself singing it almost everywhere and I can safely say that I do like this track. My biggest grievance is that the verses are REALLY WEAK, particularly the first verse. What has been done to Jackson and BamBam’s parts really does their talent down and actually makes them appear talentless? The second verse isn’t quite so bad – Mark is improving as time goes on and he really shines through here, but again, I am not blown away by Yugyeom’s part. I can’t help thinking that Jinyoung is swearing and saying inappropriate things throughout (MISHEARD LYRICS ALERT) but his vocals are on point as always, as are Youngjae’s, but when will he be allowed to sing more please? Notes on the MV – why are JB and Youngjae wandering around Christmas Trees?; Mark’s ‘Hard Carry’ underwater had me in hysterics; the shimmy right at the beginning of the MV makes me really upset; I do however enjoy the choreography transition between Jinyoung and Youngjae in the bridge.

My verdict: 6/10 – It pains me to score them this low, but the first verse just makes me so upset. The main reason I even gave this another chance was because of JB. This is a change in direction for GOT7 and whilst it does suit their edgy personas, I’m not sure they needed to go this extreme? It doesn’t showcase their vocal abilities particularly well and actually discredits them – however it is an extremely catchy and up-tempo dance/R&B track.

‘Let Me’ – THANK GOD THEY ARE PROMOTING WITH THIS SONG. THIS SONG HAS SAVED THEM. This is a beautiful song that shows exactly what GOT7 have to offer and gives each member a chance to shine and prove their talent and worth. Youngjae, for example, is given the lions share of the chorus along with JB, which is nice to see because his part is diminished in ‘Hard Carry’ and Youngjae’s powerful vocals always tie everyone together in a song such as this. BamBam and Jackson are given more of a chance to show that as rappers, they can perform well, and dispel my fears from ‘Hard Carry’. Mark co-wrote the lyrics and music for this, as he has done on other album tracks, and I am immensely proud of him for involving himself further in writing activities, especially if it means they are going to be producing more beautiful tracks such as this.

My verdict: 8/10 – Give me more of this song and you’ll get a higher score! Less than 2 minutes for the track? Who do you think you are? KNK? (If you don’t get the reference – KNK’s song ‘Gone’ is shorter!). I’m happy with the line distribution in this track, though it would be nice to hear more of Yugyeom (will I ever be happy?). As a Mark stan, I am immensely proud of him and think that this is just further evidence of the improvements he has made over the years. This, coupled with the 1:31am pairing of JB and Youngjae for the chorus has made this a winning track.

Not my favourite GOT7 comeback sadly, and it is a shame that they have come back in the two week period that all the big boy groups are coming back, but iGOT7’s love is still strong and GOT7 work hard, I know they will still succeed.


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