[Song Review] Yu Seungwoo – Only U(너만이) (ft. Heize)

Stumbled upon this song by accident – thank you Starship Entertainment for reminding me that you have more than Monsta X, Sistar and Boyfriend! I had not been keeping up with Seungwoo’s news and had no clue he was releasing a new song, let alone a collaboration with one of my favourite female rappers, Heize.

For those not well versed with this particular solo artist – Seungwoo is a 19 year old (’97 line) singer-songwriter and guitarist who has previously been known to sing with Kihyun from Monsta X but has a back catalogue of fantastic tracks himself. He is young, fresh-faced and innocent, but has a voice laden with maturity and this is evident in this song. It starts as a down-tempo acoustic track but as the chorus kicks in, it picks up to a mid-tempo ballad. Heize’s rap adds layers to the song, removing the track from the genre of ballad and moving it more into the pop rock/soul genre, and her vocals bring wonderful harmonies and a beautiful juxtaposition to Seungwoo’s voice. The MV is beautiful – traditional, scenic, stunning.

My verdict: 8/10 – An impactful song that is an easy listen. Perfect for the fall season and different to many of the other big releases at the moment. Gentle and poignant vocals throughout, helping to transform this song from your average pop song to a moving and evocative track.


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