[Song Review] Monsta X – Fighter

It has been a week – I know some people have been asking me to post my review for this song and album. Sorry, it’s been a crazy week, with three of my bias groups coming back, two of my rookie groups debuting and multiple festivals, four of which I have watched live. Sadly due to the volume of reviews I have to do, I won’t be able to review the album track by track, but I have bought it and I love it – each and every track.

When will people wake up to the fact that Monsta X are a highly cohesive idol group with many talents and diversity and in fact, there’s a reason they remain to be the only group whose entire back catalogue I own – they stick true to their guns and their genre. ‘Fighter’ has a more pop sound to the rest of their tracks and sounds like the closing credits for a Marvel movie. It has the air of ‘superhero’ to it. It is an upbeat rousing song that is less rap-heavy than their other tracks (however the rest of their album restores this balance). It has a big sound that will grab your attention from the first second and is interspersed with huge vocals and a choreography fit to boot. The MV is bizarre – I’ll welcome your comments and theories as I am completely lost. Jooheon swinging a stethoscope might just haunt my dreams.

My verdict: 10/10 – As soon as I turned this song on, I had the biggest smile on my face – Monsta X know how to do a comeback and this is no exception. It is a memorable sound with so many aspects to it. Every member gets their chance to shine here, even with rap-lines diminished. It is an accessible comeback song for those less well versed with Monsta X and I’m sure will continue to win them many fans.

Album Note: Top tracks for me = ‘Be Quiet’ and ‘Queen’ (though I love every track on this album). ‘Be Quiet’ is a bit of what we have had in every other album since and is a sound I will never tire of. ‘Queen’ has one of the best choruses on this album.


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