[Song Review] Ravi – Who Are U (ft. Superbee)

I am a proud fan of VIXX, as you all very well know, so for me, its hard to be impartial when it comes to members’ releases – however I think I have a rational head on here. Ravi has been gracing us with his solo music this year and we are very lucky to have had ‘DamnRa’ and now ‘Who Are U’. Not only do we have them, but Ravi produces this music for free for his own personal satisfaction and puts it out there for us. Fans have time and time again tried to give him money, but he always refuses (bless).

So ‘Who Are U’ is a collaboration with the Korean Hip-Hop artist Superbee, of SMTM fame, but also of considerable controversy fame (I won’t discuss it here, but I don’t really condone his behaviour). Personally, as a fan of Ravi’s unique  voice, tone and flow, I don’t think that Superbee was a necessary addition to the song, however I guess it lends it credibility from the hip-hop world (those that rate Superbee). You can hear a lot of Ravi’s personality shine through in this track, from the beat and the synth straight through to the lyrics and pacing in the rap. After watching Ravi show us how he produced the track, it’s easy to see how gifted he is as a writer and I feel that given time and nurturing, he will grow into an even more accomplished writer. There is no MV to this so just enjoy the song for all that it exists for.

My verdict: 5/10 – Despite being a huge Ravi fan, this isn’t particularly my style of music production but knowingly, Ravi will continue to learn and grow through each song he brings out so I have no worries for him. I find this to be a memorable song with an innovative melody coupled with the deep, rich tone that we all love Ravi for. I think we can expect big things from him in years to come as a solo producer, but he still needs to build and develop his skills. This has the beginnings of a golden track and I wouldn’t be surprised if in time to come, he releases a remastered version that will blow us out of the water.


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