[Song Review] Sandeul – Stay As You Are

Ok I had no clue what to expect from Sandeul, but I can tell you that I definitely didn’t expect this. Sandeul is my B1A4 bias and I will preach from the mountain tops that his voice is stable, gentle and full of emotion. He has such a smooth and unfaltering voice, no matter what register he sings at. Despite all of this, I wasn’t expecting to be hit so hard by this song.

I didn’t realise how beautiful this song was until I looked at the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I already knew how special this track was. This gentle ballad has a beautiful melody that suits Sandeul’s vocal style well and makes this an easy track to listen to. The strings in the background tie the whole piece together and draw emotion in towards the end, carrying you through the song at a slow and steady pace. The song alone will have you in a dream like trance, contemplating the beauty of the instruments, his voice and the emotion that is packaged up with it.

Then you look at the lyrics. This is a love song, but not like any you have heard before. Sandeul is talking about the times he will spend in the future with his future partner, someone he has not met yet. He is wondering if they are in a relationship right now, if they are happy? He is asking them to ‘Stay As You Are’ so that when they do eventually meet they will recognise each other and he hopes they will not miss each other. To me, this is a beautiful love letter and an important life lesson. There is someone out there who already loves you for all the things that you like and do and the way you behave – no doubt they are dreaming of you. Do not change to be someone else just so that you can be any old person’s partner, or else you will not find that person that is perfect for you. Always be yourself. Sandeul has set me on fire.

My verdict: 9/10 – This is a stunning ballad with strong vocals and emotive instrumental. The message of the song lends it even more importance and will no doubt make you fall in love with the track. If you need convincing of the amount of love Sandeul poured into this song, just watch any of his live performances, or showcases of this song – I don’t think I’ve seen someone sing with such passion in a long time.


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