[Song Review] SF9 – Fanfare

ROOKIE GROUPS ARE MY LATEST OBSESSION. Just a public service announcement for you all. I’m in overdrive right now because too many groups are out – I didn’t expect to fall in love with SF9 a few weeks ago and anticipate their arrival more than anything. But I’m glad I was paying attention or else I might have missed an important debut.

SF9 (Sensational Feeling 9) are nine (no surprise there) boys belonging to FNC and were previously a part of Neoz School. This was a kind of rookie camp similar to the better known SM Rookies. Neoz School have now formed into: SF9 and HoneySt (who are a band and I wholeheartedly implore you to support when they debut).

SF9 are largely composed of a dance unit, which explains why every single performance they do is more or less on point. But along with incredible dancers, they also have vocalists and rappers to match their dancing aptitude.

‘Fanfare’ is their debut track from their first single album and is a vibrant, brass-heavy song with an upbeat, fist-jabbing (*note* jabbing not punching cos it’s not really a fist punch…) feel. It makes you want to join in with the choreography and just bounce around all over the place. My favourite part of the whole song is the pre-chorus where Inseong sings – it’s such a dramatic change of tempo that it completely stops you in your tracks and forces you to listen to the strength in the vocals and then before you know it, there’s a brief pause in the music and you hear Youngbin’s rough tone announce Fanfare and you’re dragged willingly into the chorus – bouncing around, not knowing you were an SF9 stan until that moment. There’s also Jayoon’s part after the second chorus that gets me aswell. The MV is busy with lots of bizarre camera angles, but it is fun and exciting and fitting with a debut release. Yoo Taeyang completely slays it in this MV.

Verdict: 8/10 – a REALLY strong debut track for a group. Addictive and motivating song, rousing you off your seat and will get constantly stuck in your head (I am testament to this – I have been singing it absolutely everywhere). I find the verses need working on in this track as they almost don’t live up to the rest of the track, but I think its easy to overlook. SF9 have a lot to offer in coming times and we can anticipate growth and further hits. Keep an eye on them.


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