[UPDATE] Semi-Hiatus

Dear friends,

I’m currently going through a site revamp/complete overhaul and will be considering blog content and format quite extensively over the next few weeks to minimise post load and workload for myself. As many of you know, this is supposed to be my blog for my move to Seoul, but its inevitably turned into a blog about music considering its such a large part of my life and considering that I do often get requests to do reviews. I will have to think about how to manage this considering this is not what I’m here for!

Many people have asked me to blog about certain things – I will get round to it after the revamp – I promise you, you have not been forgotten.

Ok so I will leave you with a list of things that I am listening to that I haven’t reviewed yet and maybe you can check them out and let me know your thoughts?

  • BTS – Wings album [didn’t like it at first because its very different to what I love BTS for, but I have grown to adore this album]
  • Lay – What U Need? [Such a strong solo track from Lay here – completely his style and fantastic choreo]
  • Ailee ft Yoon Mirae – Home [two of my favourite female vocalists – strong song]
  • Pentagon – Gorilla [I LOVE THIS ROOKIE GROUP]
  • Jero X Dok2 – Paradise [my jam]
  • Ladies Code – The Rain [loving this comeback!]
  • Se7en – Give It To Me [YES – welcome back into my heart]
  • 100% – Better Day [I ADORE THIS SONG!!!!]
  • Jay Park – Everything You Wanted album [this is one of the best feel good albums I’ve heard in ages. I need it in my life]
  • Block B – My Zone (JPop) [serious funk]
  • High4 20 – HookGa (ft. Hwasa) [Seriously love this track – welcome back to my life boys]
  • Far East Movement x Marshmello – Freal Luv (ft Tinashe & Chanyeol) [haven’t thought about Far East Movement for a long time but I adore both Tinashe and Chanyeol]
  • 24K – Bingo [SUCH A GOOD COMEBACK]

Currently I am riding out the BTS promotions and also waiting for VIXX’s comeback on October 31st. Other things to anticipate are B.A.P’s return, NCT Life and KNK.

I’m also watching an American show called ‘Dramaworld’ on Netflix which is partly filmed in Seoul and is about a girl that gets sucked into her favourite KDrama – I recommend you check it out.

Finally – who is watching Season 3 of Haikyuu?? No spoilers please – I’m starting it this week!

Thank you for bearing with me – I promise, when I return I will have a plan for how to make this blog slightly more consistent and less stressful for me to manage.


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